What are Angel Bits?

Angel Bits are the giving and sharing of the Elohim, Angels, Ascended Masters. They are teachings, healing's, understandings, information, history of the souls journey and those bits of Angelic Illumination that are being shared at this time as in previous God Ages of which we are destined to bring forth at this point of our own evolution.

The Golden Age is drawing neigh, lift your hearts to God within you, for within is the path of the highest the lightest, brightest Presence of Reality your very own Personal God Self.

No more to linger in the human miasmas, but to pick up the bits and pieces that you’ve strewn here and there and everywhere throughout Cosmos and to reassemble yourself into the Mystical Body of God in Heaven and Earth. Done are the days and the dark nights of the soul of having to linger in the thoughtforms and morphic fields of destruction, criticism, condemnation and all other forms of black magic and antithesis of the Cosmic timetable.

For this is exactly what happens when the light is misappropriated into a form that is not creative and uplifting it is un-right-use or unrighteous jurisdiction of your father and mother God’s light within you.

So it is a time to remember, to awaken to your true reality once again. The light is dawning and as it is quoted, “it is always darkest before the dawn.” So it is the dawning of a new way of Being this day. This day is the day of true Hope as the Archeia Hope radiates out into the world of form the light to follow back to the sense of truth and the Science of the Spoken Word and the Science of Being - God - here and not later, but now.

Turn the dial of consciousness and as you find those angelic bits of your own, putty the humpty-dumpty back together again. You are the watchers on the wall of human consciousness and as the fall in vibration and consciousness had happened so long ago; so it is and so it was. And now it is as it always was - no more illusion of the depths of lower but the angels are now coming together and bit by bit they are rebuilding the mystical body of God. And each one who redefines themselves in the righteousness of Being and leaves off the old memories, and lets go of the old images; you are remade in the likeness of that which your soul strives to find - your own Christself. Your own Buddhaself. Your own Godself. So bit by bit, all you angels, we call you to the science of God of your own true nature. And these pages are for your own embellishment, for your creation is your creation and none can turn back the tide but your own Godself, the bigger You, the one who no longer lingers in argumentation, accusation, anger, arrogance, all the so labeled - “Martian “A’s” of historical pain from they who warred until their own planet and others planets were blown to bits.

And this is just one example, where you can start in redefining yourself in the light and leave the shadows and the discontentment of life and live in the light of joy. It’s easy to get started, come take our hands we are here your brothers and sisters and bit by bit we will walk the path out of the shadow lands, those darkest depths in many cases and into the light... Bit..by bit.. By bit... We see clearer and feel freer.

It has been given in angelic bits from many sources the teachings of the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, the Brothers of the Golden Robe, the Brotherhood of the Violet Flame and so many other fraternal organizations of Light and Truth. And these teachings are not separate from those already given; but a continuation of the “Good Fight” to restore the bits back together and to re-unify the mystic of the Soul.

The soul in many cases has been fractured and the soul feels the longing of these pieces of itself to be reunited so that they can form the Soul of the Cell of the portion of the mystical body of God - above and below.

So like we were saying; Angel Bits are the teachings, the calls, the feelings, the visions, the meditations, the decrees, the fiats, of Light from your brothers and sisters on the path of enlightenment, Unity and Love. We are the One for WE have returned to the One so we are of the One and we enter through the Three as One. All of these are bits of food for your soul to sup upon and to gain strength to find its own escape velocity out of the shadows and into the Sun which you are and of which your nature is created of. You are Light! You all are Light! All is Light! So why is shadow hiding Light? How can this BE? In what world could shadow ever smother the Light? Think on this for a bit O Angelic Ones! Shine your Light and turn it up until the Light is ALL ONE and you too will know that the light cannot comprehend that which you are in nature a Son of God! From Alpha to Omega, you and everything you touch, see, taste, smell, conceive of is Light! In what world could shadow exist once you turn on the light? BE LIGHT BELOVED ANGELS OF OURS!  O Allow yourselves to BE LIGHT! Let yourself BE LIGHT!  

And bit by bit you will find the freedom of expression to lighten up, raise the vibration a little lighter at first and ultimately your light will naturally find its way up through the denser vibrations of the darkest depths of mordor and the shadows. The Ring you have been seeking in the land of dark and shadows is your Oneness. So we as that you start and bit by bit put on ring of Unity and Let There BE LIGHT!

We know that for some this may take a bit of time, a bit of effort, a bit of adjustment, so we will tarry with you as your own personal Gandalf, your own personal Merlin and we will enflame the dark to ignite and burn out of the way all that would cause you to fall on the path and shine with the brightest of rays to break you away bit by bit until you find your way home - The Way of the Ring!

One! In One! Of One! Of the Three! ALL ONE! - FREE!

I AM Saint Germain and I set myself on the path with you. I AM known as the Master Alchemist and I AM the truest of the True of loving you! I Love YOU O LIGHT OF MY LIGHT OF MY HEART! O feel me now and understand that I have held your hand for so long that you know my grasp, and you know my steadfastness and you know my conscious pursuit of every iota of light within the darkest depths of despair and attachment to the outer world.

I AM also the Master of the Refiners Fire and I AM ONE with the Flame of the Holy Spirit of Wholeness of BEING and that refiners fire is the Violet Flame whom I AM in the ONENESS OF BEING. You are my cells my blood, my spirit and I AM HE whom calls you out of the dessert of separation and into the Edon of Unity!

I AM ever faithful servant of the LORD Sanat Kumara, and I serve most humbly the Four Pillars of the Ruby Ray, and with the Lord Maitreya the Buddha who is no longer coming but is now here with me; we lead you bit by bit to the home of the souls longing.. Venture with us... And let us bit by bit angle you in the right direction of return to wholeness. There are many paths but they all will lead you ultimately to the same return home to the Heart of God. Your God my God ONE! You know at the level of your soul the footsteps that walk always with you, they are mine for I have never left you comfortless for the comfort flame is my essence, my very BEING it is what I AM Created for in the release of the LIGHT in the BEGINNING. I AM THAT! OM TAT SAT OM! Which is FREEDOM of all souls back into the Golden remembrance of BEING! UNITY is the FREEDOM OF HOPE!

Retain the HOPE for she comes with me now and she the mighty Archangel Hope and twinflame of Archangel Michael is a power of unparallel proportions. She will shed her light upon you bit by bit in the next few days. Hold your attention upon her illumination for the Word within Her will bring Unity to you and Freedom to your soul. Hold Hope! Hold Freedom as the highest goal of the soul to awaken, defrag, to reunite her broken body and heart and then to BE ONE! IN THE ONE - IS UNITY’s FREEDOM!

A Bit of Angelicness in your misty past, present and only Light for the clear path home. This is just a bit of whom I AM. For fun is the angelicness of expression of the soul - so express a bit more if you desire - sire! Create every bit of your present in the every loving Presence. Leave off the human-bits. I AM Your Mother - Your Father loving you in the return of your ever living God which is no small bit, beloved. For we players of God Love and it is a magnificent love. I AM THAT I AM! EVERY BIT OF ME!  I AM! GOD REALITY!

This little bit of wisdom in the form of humor and lightness in this fiat, this decree if you will; will bit by bit change the mists of wispiness and form it into the cloud of comic magnitude and splendor. And in the lightest heights of Cosmos your soul a Lady so fair will ascend to me and I will wed you for I AM the rejoining of all separation.  So, say this with me now, if you wouldn’t mind to tarry with me but for a bit more:


And if you are so moved you can add any of the following to the chosen way of making the joyful noise as a loving alarm to awaken the sleeping soul from her slumber. In adding these together you work at more and more levels of being and in the levels of being that which is your body of work if you will; is like the peeling of the layers the levels of the onion. So add a line together with the others and try it for a bit. I ask that these calls, prayers always be done in the spirit of mediation. That is go within O beloved angel bits of my heart for within is the path, within is the heart of God, within is the place that all need to set themselves upon. BE - O Choose to BE! Choose to no longer be a bit player but a major star of great Love and Light - O BE with me as we recite these mantras of my Heart!



I AM THAT I AM! EVERY BIT OF ME! Free from duality!


Call to me Saint Germain and Portia, and to those who attend your souls Unity, the entire spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, call to your Holy Christ Buddha Self and to your own personal God Presence, the mighty of the mighty. And will be here to say these calls with you. Everytime! Call and WE will BE HERE! Call to ONE the Angel of the Great Silence, Call to Hope the light that never fades, but intensifies the more one Becomes More! Call to Archangel Raphael and Archeia Mother Mary, let the call compel the Angels who are known as the “Gatherers” to find flight upon the winds of your desire through your Holy Self and your Mighty I AM Presence. Let the Gathers go forth and collect the bits of your soul, left here and there throughout creation, and let Micah and his Angels of Unity take you to his temple of Transfiguration while you rest and take respite from the space of the days demise. And in the Transfiguration we will turn every bit of this planet into a flaming star of Love in Freedoms Light!

I would ask that you own every bit of this message for even though the populations of cosmos are made of uncountable bits of sentient beings, as a cosmic BEING I feel, sense and know every bit of everyone of you. I ask as your loving friend and Father and Mother, digest this call and give it consciously until you are transfigured into the intent the motive the fervent fire of Freedom in Unity. There is so much more within the layers of God Consciousness in this message than meets the bits that the eyes of conscious mid can pick up at first glance. So understand the import that we are loving volleying your way, the way of lightness and joy. Give the call to your soul with intunement until you desire at the deepest recess of Being that you can no longer hold it in any longer and you suddenly feel as though you are bursting and then release it the light, the understand and illumination of your soul and outflow to recreate this beloved reality into the Star of Freedom she is and was and is destined to BE.

And you may choose to give this call in the form that is most suitable to your perceptive desires, give it as a prayer, a supplication, a call, a song, a meditation, a fiat, a decree, a ceremony. All are acceptable offerings at the table of the LORD of your soul and that LORD is your Personal God Self, the Mighty I AM Presence One of the ONE! Of whom every bit of you is destined most beloved One to return in UNITY. I say, “most beloved One” for I AM ONE and as I AM outflowing to you the intent and motive of my creation, I AM holding you in the alchemical understanding in the Science of God Reality of BEING. I AM holding every bit of you as God! Hold Hope, One and All THAT I AM as ONE in ONE and WE THREE will Become Your Own God Reality.

I AM with the Angel from the Great Silence ONE and WE stand with Hope!

Hold to the bit of the ragging horse of self that human-bit that is still trapped in the vestiges of the shadow, stab at it with Excalibur and slay the dragons- hold the way! Grasp every Bit! Love as I have Loved you - all of these days, years, centuries, lifetimes, dreamtimes, All the times; yes every little bit of you have I love for. Even those bits of you that you can’t stand any bit of.

In the Age of Loving Mother - I Father you with Motherly Love!