Where Angels Play

Preamble For The First Ray Of God’s Will and God’s Power

                          As received by © Michael Christopher Arnett  - November 18 2011 -    Portialand Oregon - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2011

In the name of the Mighty Victorious Presence of God, I AM in me and my very own Beloved Holy Christ Self,  I AM THAT I AM, Mighty Hercules and Amazonia,  beloved Archangel Michael and Faith, beloved Guru Ma and  Lanello, Master More EL, Lord Maitreya, and angels of the Blue Lightning ray, Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, the entire Spirit of the Great White Cloud of the Brotherhood;, we decree for the protection of all God ordained; activities, persons, places, conditions and things, and our cutting free from all discord that moves against our light and fire and the Living Word of God within us and our lives, and we decree for: God’s Will and God’s Protection and God’s Power and God’s Direction in our lives and the lives of all sentience wherever they reside as the Children of God and The Children of the Sun.  We invoke your Blue Lightening and Pink Lightening Presence to enter into our worlds today, by God’s Will we decree:

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