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Merriam Webster definition:

intransitive verb


: to make melodic sounds with the voice; especially : to sing a chant


: to recite something in a monotonous repetitive tone <protesters were chanting outside>

transitive verb


: to utter as in chanting


: to celebrate or praise in song or chant

Examples of CHANT

1. The crowd began chanting her name.

2. They chanted Sara, Sara until she came back on stage.

3. Protesters were chanting outside the governor's home.

4. They were chanting in Arabic.

5. Priests chanted the Catholic Mass in Latin.

The Chant is a short, (usually) simple melodic tune, normally characterized by single notes which numberless syllables are intoned. Chants are used to sing in church services in the western nations also, such as; canticles and psalms. In eastern and western spiritual systems the name of God is chanted over in formula of repetition as the chant is intoned. Through the chanting the soul of the chanter becomes one with the Spirit of God by intoning of the sound of the names of God, in whatever language. By the chanting of the names of God/Goddess/ Christ one can become one with the object of devotion.

In Sanskrit AUM, OM, AUM TAT SAT AUM and in English as the name of God given to Moses as he stood before the burning bush, “I AM THAT I AM.” When we sound the name or names of God, or any name of any of the ascended masters, angels or saints; those who represent the God, whether the name chanted is Allah, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Shiva, Tara, Kuan Yin, EL MORYA, Master More, Surya, Helios and Vesta… you get the idea. It is not a matter of creed, tradition, language, country, belief, dogma, or doctrine. It is a matter of the soul enliving the sound of the chant and the intent to become one with the one named through the chant. Om mani padme hum – a chant to Kuan Yin is an example. Through the recitation of the chant the being whose name is being chanted is drawn to the chanter in a magnetization  of the Presence, no matter the scope of the Divine consciousness a newly ascended master for instance can also be drawn to the devotee, as that newly ascended master may have just earned his or her wings; so to speak. And yet the master is still in the Oneness vibration of the I AM THAT I AM. God.

Om ah hum vajra guru padma siddhi hum! Is a precious and personal chant to Padma Sambahva.

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