O Blaze Forth Exemplar's Of God's Seven Rays

Come Forth! Burn Through! - Enlighten! Raise!

O Flaming God Reality Light Made Manifest

Chohans Of The Rays - May We Pass Each and every Test

Weaving The Beautiful Rays and Flames

Chohans of the God Driven Rays

O Seven Beloved Rainbow Hues

Teachers of Love Wisdom and Power Our Souls Renew


O Lords of The Rays Raise Us In God Reality

O Saint Germain, and Lord Ling Bring Forth The Wisdom Violet Flame Sing

O Paul The Venetian and Master More EL Loving God's Will - Our Hearts Swell

O Hilarion and Nada Too - It is in Loving Service That The World  Heals Through You

O Serapis Soliel Our Light Ignite - Raise On High - Unto God's Use

Exemplar's Of God's Seven Rays

By The Maha Chohan given to© Michael Christopher Arnett ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2012

Preamble Fourth Ray Whtie Friday

Preamble Fourth Ray - White - Friday


Let God Will Crystallize now for the reunion of the Father Mother God unto the Shekinah Glory and the return current of the Shakti Force of the Divine Mother. Let There Be Light!

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