Where Angels Play

O Beloved Mighty Victorious Presence of God I AM in me and my very own Beloved Holy Christ Self, Holy Christ Selves and Mighty I AM Presence of all Sentient Life, every man, woman and child; every elemental and every Angelic Being of Light and Fire of God's Will and Creative Life Force. We call to you beloved Purity and Mighty Mother Astrea for the cutting free of every avenue of time and space from the confines of the fallen ones and their agendas against life and their intent and motive to break down the middle way of the Children of the Sun and the Children of God as the middle class society. We call to you O Elohim, Beloved Archangel Gabriel and Archeia Hope, cut free and defend the rights of these who have set the matrices of the Christ Lived Ones, these who have worshiped and trusted in the Living Word of God Within and Without. These who have entrusted their care into the Heart, Head and Hands of God Reality in the Four Sacred Freedoms and the tenacious Spirit of God within the Nation of Unity. These who have based their motives and intent for Freedom of Worship, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Press as Unalienable Rights and Divine Might in the Constitution of the United States of America for the Race of God in embodiment above, below, without and within.

 O Beloved Serapis Soliel we call to you and the Holy Justinius, Servatus, and the Seraphim and Cherubim of God's Pure Fire to recreate our worlds, break the bonds of tyranny, return the cyclic motions of God Justice and bind the fallen foes of God Freedom. Bind the fallen Ones in and out of embodiment who terrorize, control the right and the righteous. WE call for the binding and the encirclement of the fallen ones, the liars and the lies, the murders and their murderous intent, all bearers of false witness, the betrayers of the Living Word of God within and without. We call to you O Divine Mother Light - Purge! Purify! Cut Free Souls of Light! We call for the Purity of the Divine Mother to enter in, to intervene and stop the bullying through the bureaucratic governmental meanderings in the intrusive and overbearing unconstitutional and therefore ungodly workings and machinations of the beast and the angels of ill-repute, turn back the tide of the anti-Christ momentums that are waging war against/ the Holy Spirit of the Children of the Divine Mother and their intent to raise the pure light and fire of God Reality in embodiment. We call for the cutting free of our Brothers and Sisters of Light in the Elemental and Angelic Kingdoms that they will understand our intent to mollify the misunderstandings and the misgivings of the lifetimes we have lived and that there is a pure light of creation to recreate a New Heaven and a New Earth and to renew the bonds of Purity and Intent of all the Kingdoms of God to Re-Unite in God Victory Angels Elementals and Men! O God Let There Be Light of Creation of the Divine Mother! Cut Free Those who have been unjustly treated in the wars of the Spirit.

Turn back the tide of the controlling factions of the States, the Nations, the World. Turn Back and Bind the financier of the war against God Freedom! We demand the reversing of the spirals of in-justice - There is no in-Justice in the Universe and WE call to you O beloved Portia Goddess of Justice and WE make the claim that in God Purity There Is No Injustice In the Universe! Recreate O Divine Light of the Fourth Ray of Hope and Purity the Fires of the Recreation of the American Dream - Let God Be Trusted! Let God Be Magnified! Let God's Will Crystallize Now! Let There BE Light! Hope Blaze through! Hope Come Forth! Shatter the anti-hope~ Bind and turn back the tide of anti-hope. God Hope come forth!

Preamble of God's Fourth Ray of the Divine Mothers Creation Light and Fire

Beloved Purity Astrea Portia given to© Christopher Arnett ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2012

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