The Healing Chalice is always about YOU! WE see you only as God living a human experience in this embodiment and there is something that you are not understanding; and that is that you are constantly creating your own  reality. WE ALL ARE!  

With every thought, feeling, and action we are reconstructing our lives. If you are out of connection with your divine plan; the one that you put in place with your God Self before you took embodiment your life will also be out of sorts. This displacement of intention can manifest in many ways as it will affect your ultimate creation.

Life is not about the outer beloved ones, it is about the inner growth, and in that growing inwardly you will outpicture, in as a reflect of your soul and your light will manifest.

This Healing Chalice is a place for you to come and leave the call and your prayer requests for the Angels and the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood. The Ascended Masters are as real as you and me. They are stopped from assisting us unless we make the call to them for them to intervene in our lives.

There are Cosmic laws in play that all are kept to. One is freewill. You have freewill to allow others into your life to assist you or do any energy work on your behalf. If you don’t give this permission, well then you are truly on your own. If you do then another Cosmic Law kicks in, the law of multiplication of the light mass. What this means is that as it was written and will always be true, “where two or more are gathered in my name there I AM!” When you and I work together with our Godself and our Holy Christself we are multiplying the amount of connections back to the healing source of creation.

So if you will... Leave the prayer request It is always about you!

Healing Chalice

Click the Healing Chalice - We are here for you. We Love You God!

Click the Healing Chalice - We are here for you. We Love You God!

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