How Does Your Light Shine?

As the meditation began, I started to hear Shamballa; a song by the late band Three Dog Night. And the following vision was presented to me as the dictation started to come through. I appreciate your time to review it. It is shared in love and gratitude to God and God in you; your ultimate reality.

Ascension Now Meditation: I AM The Fulfillment of All Of My Needs <Jesus>

Song: Shamballa – Three Dog Night

The above song, accompanied with ethereal music, subtle, elusive. I see flowing waters and rapids and waterfalls; the rapids rushing by crystal caves and crashing over the heights of the mountain cliffs. Throwing itself into the air and becoming the mist. And I watched as the waters then evolving into the misty fog and then the cloud of crystal fire light of the shroud of Shamballa.  The Presence of the Orange/Golden Ruby Bronze light was with me about half an hour before I joined the decree session today with the beautiful souls of the Ascension Now.

The Discourse:

Have you seen the very streaks of light and lightness above you as you walk among your day? Have you noticed the brightness of the light as the sun sets, there is a more ethereal luminescence? Have you noticed the mystical energies of love and love’s delight as they are interpenetrating your essence more and more?

Be aware of the love as this love is coming to be you more and more in these next days. You are light, crystallized and held in form through the water of your being. The water of your being is the crystallized will as the light is crystallized desire, just as water is colored by the emotion of the souls that interact with them.

I AM come this day as the beginning, the new dawn of the new era of the conclusion of the story of the United States of America and her foundation upon the lands and in the world scene. For as you may already know, the name America is a codified name for...

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