How Does Your Light Shine?

Continued ...Footnotes to Discourse

The Lords Prayer

5) The Lords Prayer as given by Church Universal and Triumphant and The Summit Lighthouse© ; and through my Guru - Guru Ma.

Our Father which art in Heaven hallowed be thy name I AM. I AM Thy kingdom come, I AM thy will being done, I AM on earth even as I AM in heaven, I AM giving this day daily bread to all, I AM forgiving all life this day even as I AM also all life forgiving me, I AM leading all men away from temptation, I AM delivering all men from every evil condition, I AM thy kingdom, I AM thy power, I AM the glory of God in eternal immortal manifestation all this I AM.

This prayer was offered up by the LORD Sanat Kumara as a place holder worship ritual. There is no intent of creed, race, culture, dogma, doctrine, other than simple ritualistic prayer to the heart of God the I AM Presence of each that weaves the unity of Oneness. The common thread of contact with all Lightbearers is the One Common Light in us ALL.




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