How Does Your Light Shine?


for the group of souls so named, “The I AM RACE”. The United States of America was set aside by beloved Saint Germain and Portia and the beloved Karmic Board along with many others of the Great White Brotherhood as the place prepared for the elect.  And this is the beginning of the United Race of America. Yes beloved the United Race of the United States of America. As all of the lands of these two conjoined continents of land the Americas both North and South share the name and etheric blueprint for the Race of the I AM Presence, it is still the lions share of the burden to bear that is laid upon the shoulders as of Atlas, to bear the burdens of the end of the age and the passing of the shadows of the Kali Yuga.

And so it is, and so it was given in prophecy to the Buddha in embodiment and the first president of the United States, beloved Godfrey the Ascended Master and in his acting role upon the stage of life at the time and space allotted of the creation of this nation; as George Washington also known as the Father of the nation. And so it is, and so it is time again to revisit that prophecy for the opening of the gates to the gardens of Avalon and the coincidence of the initiation and opening of the temple of Unity is the bell tolling through the ethers.

And even before this message was delivered through this messenger, this day, the light of the temple and the chakra of Unity did surround him and the very ground that he walked upon. This light came as a self awareness, a self luminescence and it surrounded and penetrated everything at the same time. And the messenger availed himself to the awareness and imbibed the light as it shone from and through him and all the planet at once. For this is the way of Unity. The light came upon the soul and the soul recognized it for what is and what it represents. The teachings embedded in the planet at such fine vibrations are now sounding, resounding and a new music is being heard upon the cells of life. Remember as we spoke at the ending of the last dictation of the cells upon which you have dominion and which see and feel and rely upon you as their GOD.

Feel then the light as it is now filling your cells. Yes, the fire crystal entering the Unity chakra of yourself; your real Self. The God Self. We will not yet disclose the location of this chakra as it is still in its infancy of grounding into the new bodies that are being prepared for your assent, your ascension into the next level of existence, the fifth and for some the sixth and for even some the seventh dimension of Being.

This is the same light that pervaded the consciousness of George Washington as he knelt in sorrow and despair on the verge of hopelessness, but never one given to neither faithlessness nor hopelessness. Then it was as he knelt in prayer for the saving of this nation, her people, and even for the meager assistance of shoes and basic food for the soldiers and the people of the colonies of the America’s at the time.  Yes, a lesser soul would’ve left off and become despondent and depressed. Not this stout soul who carried within his soul the very foundation of the structured intent and motive of this new nation being conceived from this war for the God of Freedom and Hierarch of the New Age of Aquarius.

And so, Micah appeared in answer to the call of the Child of God, the Buddha who languished in the sorrowful duties bestowed upon him in his role as the General of the Army. And so it was and so it is; the light of Golden Ruby Bronze shone within and without him and he found himself in awe at the beauty, the elusive fairy, angelic essence that permeated his being for he knew then the joy of the prophecy as the unification of the souls long lost, long separated, long anticipating the return to the heart of the Divine Mother Omega and the Divine Father Alpha.  The Angel of Unity, gave the vision and gave the teaching and gave the answer and the codification of the teaching for future generations, which is where we are now, my beloved ones of the One.

O how does your light shine in the Halls of Shamballa? O how does the bells toll resound in the gardens of Avalon? O how do your cells resonate with the changing of the guard and the age of Gold? Yes, Unity is the age of Gold as God becomes One re-unifying the essence that split apart so many, many, eons ago beloved. And so it is also prophesied that all tears would be wiped away in an instant. O the road to Shamballa, my place of rest and your place of rest from the weariness of the days in this embodiment. We know you for your works, and not for your human foibles. We know you for your light and not for your human concerns. We know you for your intent and your motive to find God within you and all things you interact with. So your light shines beloved as a crystal fire mystic as witness to the life of my own throne where I sit as the Ancient of Days.


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How Does Your Light Shine3


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