How Does Your Light Shine?


O souls of light rejoice for the days are shortened for the elect. And the days are lightened for the return of the souls of light to the oneness of the I AM Race. And the I AM Race is not to do with skin color, place of birth, place of cast or creed or belief; nor culture or tradition or history. The I AM Race are the ones who carry the white stone of the heart. For those who shine the light of the Divinity within themselves; they who do not, nor could hide that light for it shines as a city upon the hillsides of humanity. And my light is thy light my beloved. Know that I did give of my very own light to re-ignite this world with the remembrance of the Oneness of Being. Your light, my light - One! So I meditated. So I sang the mantra day in and day out, never letting off the millions and trillions of recitations in complete faith and understanding that we are never separated but by our own free will choices to leave off the light and allow the shadows of human despair, discord and discontent to enter and eclipse the light; but never to eliminate the Sun of Being.

 O GOD! Your light, my light - One! Never did I not see you every soul as that GOD. For All is GOD. O GOD! Your light, my light - One! I sang this mantra over and over to your sleeping souls, waiting, waiting, and waiting. O GOD! Your light, my light - One! We Are One! O GOD! Your light, my light - One!

It matters not what another may project towards this one or that, only that you become aware of yourself as the inner the outer and that your divinity replaces the shadows within, and let light expose all shadows of self, until there is no more shadows for the light shining is incomprehensible to the shadow, to the dark and therefore it can exist no more.

O see the Halls of Shamballa. Feel the desire body as it is the water body and therefore we have begun these series of discourses based upon the light and the will of the desire body the emotional body of  I AM Race to become United in Oneness with the One. Remember now, Lake Moraine? Remember the lesson? O beloved Hearts bear witness! More GOD Desire… Hum!

The body it is said is the temple of the LORD GOD. And so it is and so it will be. The Halls of Shamballa also reside within the temple of the LORD of your self inner and outer. And yet, my Halls of rest and respite are a physical structure upon this planet also. And beautiful they are if I may so humbly relay. The beauty is fashioned upon the crystals of the Halls as a reflection of the light of your own souls. Yes, my place of rest is where I am inundated by your light joining, uniting one with another. And as you join light, as was even hinted at through the bible in the phrase of where two or more are gathered there I AM; so the key is turned and the halls are opened to souls in their finer bodies again. Yes, Go BE with me again, for since the time of the leaving of this planet as my palaces and temples of light ascended and left the Gobi dessert behind these halls have been off limits.


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