How Does Your Light Shine?


I stand this eve and I send the light of the Unity Temple and Chakra as the leaving off of the age of the old and the picking up of the age of the new. Yes, the old ways, memories, hatreds, fears, pains, sorrows, and all other senses of separation, and the new ways, of love as I have loved. The new ways of Peace that knows no end. The new ways of Purity that shines forth as the creative sparks that even become creation of the thoughts as the clearing of the way of passion of human the animal man is left off and the picking up the Christ man, the God man the Son of God , the Child of Sun and light is the burden of the soul. And the new way of Service to the Divine in yourself first and then to the Divine in others. The new way of God Sciences and God Vision. The new way of aligning with the God control of self first and then of greater and greater circles of influence. O Truly the new way of Aquarius brings us the true God Freedom, not from without ourselves but from within as we project from us the values, the vitalities, the virya, the virtues of God, the Personal I AM Presence of each one of you of the ultimate One.

We have not left you ever our beloved. We have been with you forever our beloved. We have watched over you our beloved. We have stayed the hands of karma that were sent to descend upon you and your house, many times over. And now we are receiving the rewards of our efforts and our joy is immense beloved ones of the One. We receive you in our midst this night. And to those who read and hear these words at a later time and place so it is also established unto you all, be received by the Angel of Unity and be led into the Halls of Shamballa. You must but ask once and you will find your self here with me and my beloved. Come bask in the light of your own soul and in that basking know that it is your own Divinity that you bask in. And in that knowing in that moment; know that it is the fire of your own rocket to thrust you even higher to ascend back into the light of God Reality. As you shine with more virya of the bodhisattva’s you will leave off the shadow energy that drains you time and again.

These shadows will find no place in the brilliance of the One and therefore as all shadows do  in the light of the noon day sun, they are no more other than at the periphery waiting to catch you off guard and to reattach to your Brilliant self. For the shadow lives off of your light, not the reverse O beloved ones of the Brilliant One!

You have heard me say earlier in this discourse that the bell tolls anew. And so it is and so it was in the beginning as it is in the ending. The bell tolls anew, the road to Shamballa. Why O why? Why always the interject of pain, sorrow, fear and terror? The newness of light, for light always brings the springtime refreshness does it not? Does not the light always bring you outside after the dark dismal days of the fall and the rain storms? Yes, it does! For the Sun is the light of your own heart and you gladly and freely run to reside with the light. And that light refreshes you. Start we ask you to refresh others as you refresh yourselves. Start to become beacons of light for others to find the refreshing brilliance of the soul that is overflowing with the sweet nectars of the light and the ways of the light.

Feed the hungry from the Gardens of Avalon beloved. Give drink from the crystal fires of the waters of light beloved. Let the weary find rest in the light of your own I AM Presence. Give love to the ones who feel unloved. And first and foremost, do this for yourself, for what can you give to eat if you have not planted the seeds within your own souls first? And what drink will you offer is you have not first calmed the turbulent muddiness of your desires and allowed the clear waters of the rivers of light and life and


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