How Does Your Light Shine?


love to flow through you. And what light will others find to bask and be healed in if your days, your thoughts, your focus is cloudy and dismal? If you are found full of fear who will want to rest under the tree of your own Divinity?

I speak to you this day as not the Lord Sanat Kumara of which I AM, but as your loving Father for which I AM humbly welcoming you into my arms, into my heart to be nourished at the throne of God of Love. Be at Peace. Be at Peace. Be at Peace. Let my Presence wash over you and purify your waters your own desire body as we drop by drop, point by point, breath by breath, cell by cell become one flowing essence of the Golden Ruby Bronze light of Unity. We are All One, in the One and Of the One!

Where there is light there I AM. Where there is love there I AM. Where there is Peace there I AM. And where I AM I see all souls, all cells in the mystical body of GOD, yes we see you as the floating mysts of clouds of light. All light beings cells that are uniting in the Oneness of Being. The Cloud of Sacred Fire that was released during the conference recently in the Gardens of Avalon and the Temple of Unity are working wonders of wonders. We watch with bated breath not in anticipation of what is to be, but in anticipation of what we know will be by the very intent and motive that this energy field was set into motion.

The multiplication of the loaves and fishes of the journey with Jesus and his disciples is but the beginning of the works that were completed by those who journey together in the Gardens of Avalon as they completed the work of gathering together and releasing the cloud of light. It is not by coincidence that the mystic cloud gathered as mists throughout the regions there. It was by focused intent that the cloud was released into the inner recesses of the misty, mystic body of GOD in heaven and on earth. And therefore for the release of this light and this intent the answer was given and the gifts multiplied. So you see it is not in the numbers of the cells of GOD which come together, but it is the intent the motive of the initiating cells. Those who fires combined bring a raging forest fire that ignites the other cells they touch. Is this not and has this not always been the way of the teacher, the prophet, the awakened, the tertons, the way-showers, the Sons of Solitude, the Sons and Daughters of GOD? Yes! It is and always will be. There is but the path that leads first from within self to the greater work of clearing the lesser of the shadows and the enlightenment. Yes!, the in-light-in-the mount of BEING.

Now the time is to understand the cloud of sacred fire as it is glowing, it is growing within you. Now as you attune to this energy that never stops spreading itself into every avenue, every crevice of your multi-versed self even as the foggy mists flowed into and followed you on your journey.  O how does your light shine in the Halls of Shamballa? Brilliantly beloved! Magnificently! Magnanimously! You are becoming more light, more GOD Desire. More GOD centered as you are allowing within yourself to displace the shadow thoughts, the shadow feelings, the shadows of the past of lack, fear, and loss at innumerable levels and dimensions.

Now it is time. We have given you many examples throughout the lifetimes here on Earth and in many other planets, time and space and multiple verses of existence. It is time for


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