How Does Your Light Shine?


you to bring to the fore the gifts of your GOD PRESENCE.  Notice the capitalization of the WORD beloved. It stands for the Highest of the High. No separation of reality of BEING but the Unity of the ALLNESS OF GOD, of which you are a part. Have we not been telling you now for so many lifetimes that we are ready to walk and talk with you again? And what was the response? Doubt, fear, lack, unworthiness, so many negative thoughts that were then attached to by the animal instincts that shrouded and over shadow the light of your own DIVINITY.

Now we ask you to take up the ritual of life and of living. From this day forward we ask you to journal the ways unto which you have loved, the ways that you desire to love and to define what the love you have created and desire to create effect yourself first and then ultimately others. Do you get it? There is nothing in this world that is not first you! It is really all about you! You are GOD! Simply put! No hidden meaning. No hidden codification of words. Just a simple statement of a complex reality. This does not mean that you still need to bring light into those places of shadow that exist within you and your world. But consider if you so give place to your Will, a life filled with thoughts of love, peace, plenty, virtue, vitality, victory, kindness, forgiveness, mercy, compassion, meekness of spirit, freedom, God Vision and watch how unabated the cells of your world will come together in unity of purpose. You will start seeing your world change as if by miracle and happenstance, but we know better do we not? It is by your free-will choice to live light, be light, create light in all the multi ways upon which you affect your world and those in your world and sphere of influence.

Souls of Light, I call you all. Cells of Light are the Souls, and you are now given the understanding that there are no entitlements, there is no one cell in the body of GOD that is better, greater, more learned, more understanding, more energetic, more gifted, more of anything over another. There is only the ONENESS OF BEING. And the more you walk upon the waters of the desire body to embody that desire to be GOD the Greater and leave off the lesser God of the body driven by selfish concern, the more you will find your gifts enhanced, your receptivity increased, your vision clarified, your heart filled, your life complete and your happiness and joy a reality.

As Mother Mary is shown as the Mother of GOD so she is your Mother also and she stands upon the serpentine minds of those whom she has taken upon her own shoulders in raising them up. And this is seen in the way that she is depicted as standing upon the serpents in the new age.  There are serpentine energies of the kundalini and there are serpent minded consciousness that seeks to raise itself upon the altar of humanity. To show themselves approved of a higher essence, to create the illusions of the dance of the serpent as it hypnotically weaves and bobs to the beat of half truths and human reason, and human logic as proof of and evidence to the prowess of the doing. And forgetting that the Christ is the Doer, that the Father is Creator, that the Mother is the Womb of which the crystallization of life manifests, and that the Holy Spirit is the Unification of BEING, that turns the burden of light into the friend of the Ages; and the whole family, the wholeness (Holiness) of Unity.  United you were created and divided you were destroyed. Ill health is the dis-ease of cells of GOD that have divided themselves from the wholeness of BEING.


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