How Does Your Light Shine?


“Physician heal thyself!” And so it is and so it was, the admonishment of the Age of Pisces from the SON of GOD. An admonishment spoken as words of righteousness. Now it is time, now is the space, now is the way of following this path. Heal yourself within and you will surely heal those without. Project love, no matter the consequence. Project love no matter the outer appearance. Project love in your desire body. Project love no matter the outer and inner attacks that come against you and those of your own heart and light. Project love. Protect love.

O how does your Light Shine in the Halls of Shamballa! No longer a question but a statement of exclamation and excitement! I AM waiting for you beloved and just as many of you in your past incarnations had to submit and make it through the perils of the maze, labyrinths and puzzles while facing apparent doom, despair and bodily harm, so it is and so it was and so it is I say again, that the work is always as it was in the beginning and is now in the ending and even in the new age of Aquarius. Face your demons and slay these dragons of ill gotten gain, for these dragons residing within you are the demi-God. The lesser God’s that have but stolen your light and created themselves as images for you to worship. Slay these forms of anti-love within you. Do not show mercy to the lesser but slay it outright! There is no room for both GOG and MAGOG. There is either GOD whom you are in the ONENESS OF BEING THAT ALLNESS. OM TAT SAT OM! I AM THAT I AM!  Worship the LORD THY GOD with all of your heart; in other WORDS - LOVE THE LORD THY GOD AS THYSELF AND THYSELF AS THE LORD THY GOD!

See yourself as your own children, do you not love the thought of yourself (your children) as an extension of yourself and yet know that they are individualization's of the same fires of creation and therefore you know that they are the floating mysts of the cloud you released at the time they were conceived and sent out into the mater to recreate mater into the Divinity of light and life? And yet their beaten path may or may not follow the dictates of your own choices. The Love is all That Matters. Regardless of what others may say, there is three flames of your divinity use them all and combine them in ALLNESS. You are Power, Love and Illumination! Where and when you create more love you will be more powerful and this is the spark that lights the core of these energies the Illumination of Self. Where there is hatred within me, let me sow love!


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