How Does Your Light Shine?


As we are ready to leave off this discourse for now… more to follow my sweet hearts of my heart; I leave you with the remembrances of what we have requested of you recently. They are as follows:

1. Ritual of Habit: What you do today will be what you create tomorrow.

a. Candle lighting ceremony whenever you begin your Great work. And start to consider what and whenever you do create with the light and fires of creation that you are doing nothing less than the Great Work of elimination of the shadows within you. Let There Be Light!

2. Journal your journey; this will allow you to grow and realize consciously your growth.

a. You have been given the tasks to journal the ways in which you love. The definition of the love you create and the ways that that love affects you and affects others in your own sphere of influence.

b. Remember to journal even it is a simple first inclusion of “I love my favorite animal” or “I love my car.” There is nothing made that is soulless. When the Soul (Cell of God) of Light creates or makes a thing; it in-souls that creation with its own light and therefore the creation takes on the soular aspects of the creator.

c. What you do today will be what you become tomorrow.

3. Meditate upon and sing the song, “I LOVE YOU GOD” you will remember the teachings given regarding this song. You will find the magnetism of its energy will create in you and your world the God Reality of Unity of ONENESS OF ALL LIGHT.

4. The I AM Lord’s Prayer

a. As previously given for the Lightbearers of my Heart. I have previously requested that my Chelas give the I AM Lord’s Prayer as a prayer to God without creed, dogma, or indoctrination. As given through the messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet and The Summit Lighthouse (TSL); I will now give another rendition in case there is any discord surrounding the original ownership of the WORD of GOD by any organization, person, place, condition or thing of human concern of loss, lack, fear – and all other portions and seeds of anti – love . Original release through mainstream religious groups:

i. Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy Kingdom come,
thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom, the power

   and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

b. Our Father I AM – on Earth and In Heaven

Hallowed be thy name – I AM THAT I AM,

The Earth Is the Lords and the Fullness thereof – in the name I AM,

It is finished on Earth and In Heaven; all is done –  in the name I AM,

Let us live upon the flesh and blood of thy Word and Light of thy Heart –  in the name I AM

Let us drink from the depth of the crystal living diamond liquid light of Thy consciousness –  in the name I AM,

Enfire us –  Forge us in the fires of Forgiveness and Transformation –  Let There Be Light of Forgiveness from us to those who have caused us pain, sorrow, and harm –  in the name I AM,

Raise us into the Ascension Now –  away from all energy veils of lesser intent, thought and desire –  in the name I AM,

The Earth and Heaven are the Lords and the Fullness thereof in the Lords name I AM, Thy Light – My Light One, All in Thee, All are thine, All reside in Thy Kingdom, Power and Glory…forever I AM – OM TAT SAT OM – In the name I AM THAT I AM ALL ARE ONE! Forever and ever –I AM!

Whichever version you choose to use, I AM Grateful! For the use of this prayer invokes light and dimensions of BEING that are not even felt at the present time but many are starting to awaken to the higher vibratory rates from which this prayer resides and you will start more and more as your vision gazes upon the lake of Moraine. And Now beloved ,  I give you another task to sharpen your attunement of this journey which you are now on as we travel with you through the gates of the Gardens of Avalon. What is the meaning of Avalon, beloved? Ask and you shall receive is the axiom, and so it was and so it is that I ask of you in fulfillment of this ancient truth.

Avalon is in the realm of MORE is it not? And does not the Beloved Saint Germain come with tales of Avalon from which he so boldly brings MORE? Laugh with me, for the journey is sweet, enjoy the adventure for that is what life is about, is it not? Joy and Love from me to Thee for we are ONE.

I AM your Father Sanat Kumara and with me is your beloved Mother Venus and we are holding your hands each side one on the left and one on the right as we walk with you; for this is indeed a step upon the pathway of your own divinity and home.

Love is the greatest and the reward. There are many keys within my words, so imbibe them, let them rise within you and cleanse you like the fiery ruby mist of the mystic side of your consciousness; a consciousness lost in the cloud of my Ruby Ray Love. And a consciousness at the same time, unclouded from the fogginess of the human fear based reasoning and superstition. I love you, WE Love you forever and forever, O GOD!


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