"I AM A Living, breathing Christ Child, A SON OF ADAM I AM"

"I AM that perfection in the beginning and I AM perfect in the ending I AM"

"I AM THAT flawless shining and precious stone of the Heart of GOD I AM"

"I AM THAT flawless gem tested in the fiery furnace the heart I AM"

"I AM THAT I AM thrice test and thrice blessed I AM"

"I AM THAT perfect stone of the Heart, made in the image of multiple hearts and perfect yet in the Oneness I AM"

"I AM THAT Wholeness of the gemstone which allows the light to go forth through all facets of my being to bless all I AM"

"I AM THAT Light that crystallizes into form a righteous SON firstborn of GOD I AM"

"I AM the wholeness of my BEING brought together in this precious gem THAT I AM"

"I AM REAL in my body of Light as GOD in me is as resilient as any Diamond I AM"

"I AM seeing not through glass darkly but through the prism of the Gemstone of the Heart of God I AM"

"I AM The Victory of the gem of great price and worth, set upon the throne of GOD valued, loved and precious I AM"

"I and my Father, my Mother GOD are ONE!"


I AM Living Breathing Christ Child I AM

By Astrea and Purity received by © Michael Christopher Arnett ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2011

Violet Flame Preamble                          Preamble Fourth Ray


Let God Will Crystallize now for the reunion of the Father Mother God unto the Shekinah Glory and the return current of the Shakti Force of the Divine Mother. Let There Be Light!