We find ourselves caught in a world of entanglements, and enmeshments with one another. These entanglements of emotional release and attraction, both good and seemingly bad are sometimes joyous, other times down right difficult to endure. And yet, we must allow ourselves the liberty to fully embrace the cosmic intervals of our lives. These lives that we are now partaking of and I would boldly conclude that most of us are taking for granted.

As we consider that this life is a gift and a time spent in lessons. We hopefully bestowal of our own gifts to those we find ourselves interacting with as we work to untangle the illusions and myopic states of belief systems. Systems that we have both inherited from our ancestral lines and assisted in creating or even keeping alive. These systems and other morphic states of consciousness, which may or may not be serving our life’s  best interest.

Sounds pretty heavy right? Well that is what this site is about, getting Light into the heaviness of life and assisting energies that seem to be stuck to be cut free and set back into their original place in the grand scheme of life and cosmic placement. Everything it seems, has a place and a place for everything. All is ultimately order and the unraveling of chaos the order of the day...


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