Jedi Commandments and Cosmic Flow

One In the One and of The Three

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Suffering - equals the suffusing of self with e-rings (energy rings) that trap one in density and lower vibrations of heaviness and seeming separation from the Force and its Freedom of Being

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you for all are one and one are all.

All for One, In One and Of and In the Three and One for All

Love thy neighbor And Your Neighbor Will Become A Point of Force A Sun Light Be the Sun of Great Oneness Directive (G.O.D.)

Know Thyself as A Son Of G.O.D. (Great Oneness Directive). For A Honorable Son Follows the directives of his parents and uses the talents wisely and in alignment with the Father and the Mother that created him in the beginning.

Be your true self in the Force as an Extension of the Father The Guiding Prime Directives of One, In The One and Of And In The Three

Man know thyself as the Force of the Child, A Sunlight, An extension of the Mother that birthed you as One, In the One and Of and In The Three.

Stop and become the roses and join the suffusing of others in the essence of the Force And They two shall become One with you and their essence will also flow into the ethers and create with yours the elixirs and aromas of ambrosia and paradise once seemingly lost. For where there are two or more in the Force so I AM with you always as the Primal Force Directive, Love Allow the Force to Be what you are and what others are as the Force May the Force Be You And May Others Be The Force For and Toward You For Then You are One, In The One and Of and In The Three Living Is the Word Let There Be Light of Force Create In Love Live Long And Prosper in the Force Attune (Fortune)

Fear Leads To Anger, Anger Leads to Hate and Hate Leads to Self infused energy rings of density and dark energies (suff_e-ring)

To One another Most Excellent Be And Excellence In Others and Self See

Do Or Do Not Thou Shalt Not Try — Be —And Do or Do Not Be There Is No Being between These two; There is only One and One For All In Three

The Force Is Three and the Force Is One as the Force Is the One In All Things and In All Beings

The Force Connects All in the Web of Cosmic Lightness of Being for in the Wisdom of Love is the greatest Power of One

Wars Make Not One Great nor the Many Greater only the Force will create the flow of greatness of the One in the Many as One

Always in motion is the future at this moment in the present no stress can ever move the energies of the Force or cause it to flow out of synch with Love

The Force is strengthened by intent of Light and virtues for these are nature of G.O.D. In All Things of Force

The Force is creator and created through the intent of Goodness, Splendor, Love, Brotherhood, Respect, Honor, Honesty and Peace

The Force is Harmony, Harmony Is Power, Power is maintained through Balanced Control and Harmonious Balanced Control is Reality in the Force. This is Harmonious Control of Balanced Power that is the Force in All Reality— is the essence and the life of the Prime Function and Nature of the First Support of the Force of One, In The One and In The Three. This is the Primal Four of the Three. Harmony in All One, Power Through Harmonious Power, Power through Balanced and Loving Control and Reality as Harmony —In All Things with Harm to none. And Harmony with One, In the One and In the Three. We Are One, Balanced Three.

The Force derives stability through Mastery of the Primal Four— Harmony, Power, Control and Reality, which leads to The Wisdom of the Force. The Wisdom of the Force leads one to the mastery of Justice through the understanding and wisdom of the illumination of the Force. The Mastery of this illuminated Justice brings All to the Oneness of the Victory of the Force as the Three, The One In the One. This is known as the Secondary Prime Nature— the Directive of The Illumination of the Force.

The Tertiary Prime Nature—the Directive of the Force is the Victorious vision that the Force brings to the Three, The One and In the One.  The Vision of the Force In Balance bring The Three, The One and In The One the drawing of the culmination of the Power's return in the Force as the Gratitude of the Force within the Three, The One and In The One as the return currents of the Force. The return cycles of Gratitude to the Force act as a vent to siphon all energies into alignment with the Obedience of the Primal Functions One, Two and Three of the Force. As The Three, In the One and as The One become Obedient to the Primary Functions and Natures of the Force the Least of these Natures becomes the Greatest in the fulfillment of the Great JEDI Knights of Prophetic Gnostic declarations, The Greatest of These of Any Force is Love.

Love is the Key to all natures of the Force within and without. Without us there is Love and with us as One we are the Force multiplied. This multiplication of the Love as the Force without qualification but as love to Be, eliminates the hatreds, fears, mild dislikes, and all points of craft that would be considered as dark in energy cycles, or energy rings. These self abusing energy rings are sufferings brought back against the self as e-rings or energy rings that lock one outside the One and separates one from the Oneness of the Three. With The Force with You, As You, Being You, Love diffuses and transforms the e-rings that trap us in encasements of our own creation at inner and outer levels of dimension, time and space. When we allow the Force to eliminate these energy rings or e-rings we allow ourselves to exist in the permanent atom of Being the Force and we exist in Love and the eternal moment of the NOW. The Nature of Wonderment as the Little Child who plays among the Force. The Force of Non-Attachment as the JEDI MASTER YODA Taught to the JEDI MASTER BODA (Buddha) the Bud-of-Yoda).

And this place where we become as in the immortal words of Shakespeare, "To Be or Not To Be, That is the question"; brings us the Force to eliminate all disobedience, stubbornness and defiance against  the immortal laws of Cosmic alignment in the nature of the Force. For we understand that the rebellions and the disobedience is only a way to weaken our own fields of Love and therefore the force is weakened within us and in us within the field of the Three and The One. And this understanding allows us to eliminate by our own desire, which is that drive that is immortal within us that Great Oneness Directive (G.O.D.) Force, the anti-natures that weaken the Force within us, The Three and The One. Those anti-natures of ingratitude, thoughtlessness, and spiritual blindness also known to the outer mind as the energy that binds us in e-rings of selfishness. For in our vision only on the self, we cannot get in touch with the One, or the one within us and we understand that this separates us from the Three. And as we eliminate these natures that weaken the Force within us and the web of connectivity one to the One to the Three in the Great One; we renew our strength of Vision in the Force and this renewed strength of Vision allows us to identify the potential weakeners of the Force within us of selfishness, self-love and idolatry of all that would take away from the vision of the One, In the One with the Three. And therefore this numbers twenty-two as One, Four, Seven and Ten. And this is the Mightiest of the Prime Directives and is the Three of the Force.  And the ultimate culmination of the directives of prime intent is Love on which we hang our own reality in the Force.

And in the resonation within the field of the Force we ride upon the matrix of creation through the knowing of Victorious fulfillment as we reflect upon those vibrations that no longer serve us to strengthen the Force. As we resonate our energies in waves of internal identification within us and identify areas of those weakening factors. And we eliminate the tendencies of resentment against others— for as we resent others we now reflect that the others are one, In the One and In the Three with us. And as we enlighten ourselves we also eliminate the seeds of any resentment in the form of revenge and retaliation against any other part of the Force as One, In the One and in and of the Three.  The Force – This we now see as Life—As US—All One in the One and In the Three.

And we now reflect a purer light of reason and we see the Justice within the Three and Of the One and this allows even greater power of self purging of those anti-force-natures and we eliminate further vices that work to weaken our own efficaciousness of the Force in the form of injustice, frustration and anxieties at all levels in one, Of The One and In The Three and therefore we strengthen and sense the trueness of the strength of the Force within and without of us as we are one, In The One and Of The Three— Are We. Light reflects off of those points that no longer serve and further are still are we as we sense the points within us that are still causing weakness in the Force. And in identification of these— we release further obstructions of Peace in the Force. And these we know as doubt, fear, human questioning and records of death. As we let these e-rings of self suffusement dissipate into the light of the Force we see the Mastery of Victory in the Justice of the Force. This vision of reflection upon the mirror of self brings us to the understanding, the inner illumination of the Power of the Force and the Wisdom of the Greatness Of Directives of The Three and we identify and eliminate the anti-natures that would be as seeds of discontent against the Wisdom of the Force as envy, jealousy, and ignorance of the Three In the One of the One. And this is the Illumination of Weeding out the shadows of seeds of dissonance. And therefore we are again in alignment with the One, In the One and Of the Three. This is in number to Illumination as the twenty and seven of the two and eleven, of the eight to the five and this Wisdom of the four brings us into alignment with the One, In The One and In and Of The Three.

As the Force is now aligned into the grooves of creation and flow is Harmonizing into the moment of the eternal Now that point of Nature Of Wonderment of the little child— we see, act, feel, and know as the knower and the known of the little child of the soul of the Truth of the Force and as One, In The One and Of and In the Three— we sense these last of the points within us that can be qualified as viruses which work against the Force of One, In The One and Of and In The Three. We send the Force into these points of anti-natures and like a mighty sonic wave the Force breaks down those instructions which we have allowed to wallow in the deepest recesses of our mind, thoughtforms and constructs of that which we have until now qualified as reality. As these waves of Force breakdown the supporting structures of these anti-formations within us we eliminate by our own intent and alignment with The Great Oneness Directives (G.O.D.) the tendencies toward disempowerment, lack of control, unreality within the Force and inharmony of Being the Force where we are. These tendencies culminate in hidden crevices and recesses within all cells of the Force and as we identify further within the very DNA of the Force itself. And we now watch as the crumbling of the not-self the not-force self begins. We watch the elimination within us of conceit and its seeds of anti-force in the form of deceit, arrogance, ego and deceit and these seedlings wither away and become more energy re-released back into the Force and you feel the Force strengthen again. This leads you to seek the last vestiges of those anti-natures which work to the weaken the Force within and pull them as weeds in the Garden of Harmony the Eden of Self,— for which we have so long desired to return to. The weeds are seen clearly in the fields of the light of the Force and we eliminate them and we ensure they are identified as the seed thoughts of our peers, parents, ancestors, relatives, teachers, leaders in unconditional love we pull them from our fertile Beingness in the Force. There they go; indecision, self-pity, and self-justification. And there again we pull from us dishonesty, intrigue and treachery. And now the Force grows within us and as it grows stronger within us we also feel the strengthening of the Force of the One and of and in the Three of Oneness. There is now easily identified those lingering seeds of discontent within us and we now pull the remnants of the anti-natures of criticism, judgment, condemnation and those e-rings that are the lowering of vibrations below the vitality of the Force. Now we know the Knower and we are the Known as One, In the One and of and In the Three we shine like a Sun in its own right for we are The Force of Right Use of Energy. We are the Right-use-ness and we are righteous in our understanding, our knowing and Being the Knower and the Known in the Force. For we truthfully know the Power of Harmonious and Balanced Control that Harms None and brings all the Force of the Loving Reality of One, In The One and Of and In The Three. And its number is thirty as the twelve, the three, the nine and the six as the four which are the essence of the First and Primal Directive of the Great Oneness Directives. And truly the greatest of these is The Three as One in the One as Love.  And Love is the Power of Harmonious Control as Power. All you need is Love, Love, and Love Is All You Need.

Let There BE Force of Love with Allness. In Allness. Love Force One, In the One as and of the Three. All Are The One.

Copyright 2009 © Where Angels Play Ministries, and Michael C. Arnett ALL RIGHTS RESERVED