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 these very same things while facing the tempter in the dessert of his own consciousness as he wandered the forests of the desserts in meditation, contemplation and fasting for internal guidance. His response was, “Man does not live on bread and water alone; but on ever Word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”

As an example the use of nouns in your present language are considered to be a way of delineating or naming items, people, place and things. While this is an excellent venue of language usage it is very limited in but still necessary in the higher dimensions of being. A noun from the fifth and higher dimensions is looked upon as an anchor of energy that primarily keeps one locked in focus on the third dimension. The dimension that contains the limited constructs duality, time and space. The fifth dimension and higher are limitless for they are constructs based in intent of wholeness, inclusiveness, sharing, win-win, long term growth and set expectations that create peace, harmony for all. None higher: only the unity of the One of the One through the One.

As you are awakening and moving to a higher understanding you find it necessary to add to your vocabulary a language of higher vibration and finesse of nuance. Those vibrations of emotions that are beginning to awaken in the mass consciousness of the lightbearers are finding a lack of ways of expression in this present moment.

We are asking as your Christ Self and Mighty I AM Presence present you with new opportunities of experience and expression that you share these intimations of Spiritual renewal with this site. We will continue to add to the new fields of energetic expression as the moments recede one into the next. As these moments collapse into the one Great Moment of BEING, this will make even more comprehensive wholeness of understanding.

Box brain versus the torus of power in the Heart.

Over the eons of time and space, you have as souls in embodiment been driven, and this is said quite literally the way it was driven into your psyches. Those who even to this present moment still hold the intent of separation from the Oneness of the Whole. This dates back to use the vernacular of time and space, to the Great Wars in Cosmos that are known as the battle between the Angels, where in your historical understanding is the point that one third of the heavens fell. The time of the fallen angels and the war between Archangel Michael and Lucifer; the bringer of the Light, his true title.

These fallen souls are fallen because of the pride of consciousness that insists it is right no matter the consequence. These souls have sworn outright enmity against the light and you; for are you not a carrier, a holder of the light within yourselves? Yes! You are! You are also bringers of the Light! But the Light that is coming from you is coming from the Wholeness of the One and the One is demanding that all the separation and box thinking that comes from the boxed in concepts of constructs of separation and identification are re-magnetized back into the Oneness of life.

What is Box Thinking? You have more than one brain. You have the mainstay of what is consciously considered at this moment as the brain. This brain which is considered to be located in the “gray matter” of the head in the skull, is not the primary source of connectivity with life. And this is what life was and is meant to be, a connection with the All – The One.

The Buddha’s all have an understanding, that all that the One attaches to will lead to pain, suffering, disease and death. What is attachment then? Attachment is that which one anchors Self to and then stays there, and is found separated out from the One, the wholeness of life.

The brain in the head is and was meant to be a filtering construct. Much the same as a hard drive or storage device is used in the present society in which you find yourselves in now. This brain can be considered the “Box Brain.” The Box Brain is a creation of the mass consciousness also seen as the amassing of the souls in embodiment to bring understanding and to awaken the outer mind. And comes out of the need to make sense of the fractured existence that all are feeling in this time and space. The Box Brain, puts everything in a box. We think in the box. We think outside the box. We break down the boxes so that we can re-categorize and organize the information which is coming into our brain at the rate of about seventy parts per second on the average in the outer conscious mind or Box Brain.  

An intimate friend of mine articulated this understanding to me in the past. These are her word and feelings: “I drive in my box, I go to work in my box, I sit in my box, I work through my box I come home to my box, I watch the box, I listen to the box, I live in my box. I have to get out of the box and into nature.”

She found herself on her way to work one day. While she was driving she had the understanding presented to her from her soul that she was traveling in a box; in her car. She understood that she was journeying to work, another box. That when she got to the box from her box she would sit in a smaller box, her cubicle. Then to make her workday even more boxed in, she would start her little box until the space and time boxes collapsed and she would the work box and once again get into her car box. As she wound her way home in the box feeling boxed in by the traffic. Then she would arrive at home, enter the home box. Once in the home box she would turn on and watch the box or turn on and listen to the box. If we take this to another level life has boxed you in. Those who have been directing the boxed in thinking have gone to great lengths and effort to keep the souls of light boxed in, under their control and when you have everything in a box you can keep better track of things can you not?

“Everything is for a purpose and there is nothing outside of the purpose of Oneness”: - Michael C. Arnett

It is not being said here that it is not good to have order and organization. We are saying that it is good to break down the boxes for good. Get out of the head and into the higher processes at the disposal of every soul upon the planet and in the cosmos. How thinking from the heart. This is the true brain. What is a brain but a place of sorting it all out. Where you go to find direction, order, and harmony, for harmony and peace are the way to love and love is the Only true Power. Where can you find the fires of love in your existence now? Most will answer their hearts. When you find a relationship that you are anchored into your heart burns with desire, and longing. You find your thoughts drift to the other one in your life. Your life and there are joined or anchored as One. It is the Oneness of the hearts that come together in purpose and intent to create together that are the true driving forces of the intimacy in any relationship.

Women understand this more innately than men because they are driven by their hormones to create unity and bring life into being. Women are driven by the inner vow to not only live a human existence as a divine being, but to also bring forth through them and the one they have joined with other souls that will bring even further embellishment of the divine through the two as One. One of the biggest lies of this system of worlds that has been perpetuated is the lie of a women’s body is hers and that she has the choice to bring life through her in the form of off-spring or not.

While it is truth, divine truth; that all have free-will. And all can choose to enact the inner drive of inner understanding and agreement; it is also true that once the souls form the heart cell which all life connect with the One through. Then that soul is now anchored in the physical existence and the inner contract is then enacted. This gives women the time frame of twenty Seven days to decide whether or not they want to continue bringing the soul into embodiment through them and their body. It is a Queenly aspect. And a Goddess aspect to be able to create another vehicle that another soul will reside in. And in the purview of the higher dimension it is considered a much honored position to find oneself enjoined in activity with.  That is the reason that women have a higher vibration and are said to “glow”, when they are bearing a child within their own physical womb of creation. They are accompanied by legions of masters, angels, and the sponsoring masters of the soul coming into embodiment.

What is the greatest hoax ever sold to the souls of light?, the killing off of their divine creation, their own off-spring. What is off-spring? Off-spring is the continuation of the living crystal rivers of light and fire that Enfire the newborn soul. The fires of the heart that will carry that incarnation of God / Goddess into higher dimension of opportunity and that is meant to shine forth form the soul in that new embodiment that they find themselves partaking of. It is yet again, a more dastardly example of the hatred of the light that has been driven to and accepted by the psyche of the Children of God, God in embodiment who have allowed themselves to think through the box, the box brain.

As we know that this is a slight digression from the original introduction of this discourse, it is also a part of the wholeness of the message. We are also very aware that there will those whose attachment to their truths of self-justification, fear based reasonings based in constructs of loss and lack, will be at odds with this concept. That is at it is. The Truth is and was and always will be the same in the beginning and in the ending of all understanding. There is no singularity of existence that will ever box in the Truth of God Reality – The One is the One – and there is not anything that is outside of divine intent and purpose. Everything is for a purpose and there is nothing outside of the purpose of Oneness and this includes the inclusiveness of the One for the One in the Three of the Heart.

We will give more soon. And our gratitude is ever great enough to hold the All eternally in the light victorious!

Thank you O light bearers of the Age. You who are here, and you know who you are for you volunteered to be here in the ending of the darkness of human boxes. And you volunteered to be a part of the breaking apart of the boxes and the bringing back together the sphere of BEING.

I AM Light, I AM Light, I AM Light

I AM in Light, I AM in Light, I AM Light

I AM of Light, I AM of Light, I AM of Light

I AM Light, I AM of Light, I AM THE Light


New Words of Aquarian Thought Forms:

Aborning: The souls being reborn of Spirit and raising the vibration of mater they rise in their new birth.

Articular: The souls speaking through the heart; most likely to be used with a force at quantum field levels of existence that will surely have effect upon the mater universes. And example: “the use of articular protonic force.”

Protonic: The usage of force at quantum, atomic, electron and proton level to create mater in a recreation of vibratory rate of higher intent and motive through the universal cosmic Spirit of the One in the Three through the One.

Copyright 2009 © Where Angels Play Ministries, and Michael C. Arnett ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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