O Metatron Beloved One

By Archangel Metatron given to © Michael Christopher Arnett 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

First Ray Preamble


O Metatron EL Shaddhai

Raise our Bodies into the One Unity Light

Metatron O EL Shaddhai

Transform us into the Pure Fires Oneness Bright

O Metatron Dragon’s Breath and Fire Sent

Blaze forth and burn the enemies nets

O Metatron Michael Archangel Teachers of yore

Return us to the understanding of the Lord


O Beloved Vessels Perfect Might

Hold us as  Essence of God Fire Bright

O Essence of our Divine Souls Pure

O Metatron Michael I AM God Right Here

Solomon King and Sheba’s Heart and Mind

We Stand Again At the Periphery of One Inalienable Right

O One of Million Mouths and Eyes THAT Speak

The Holy Ghost Now Moves Through Me

We Who Hold Ourselves As Holy One

Claim our God Reality As Blazing Suns

Now Stand and Defend God’s Right To Exist Above Below Without Within - God Formless Form O Fire’s Mist!


Let God Will Crystallize now for the reunion of the Father Mother God unto the Shekinah Glory and the return current of the Shakti Force of the Divine Mother. Let There Be Light!

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