Elohim Astrea the illusions which I see

I call to Purity and Astrea to reset the Will I AM to BE

Elohim Astrea the lines are drawn

I call to Astrea now Purity in the Heart of Hope New Dawn


O Immaculate concept all creation form

Cut Free, Cut Free, Cut Free circle and sword

O Purity current inflowing in every atom and cell

Cut us Free, Cut us Free, I AM Astrea All is Well

Blaze now Raise now Shinning Through

Cut ALL Free! Cut ALL Free! Cut ALL Free!

Circle and Sword of Electric Blue White Hue

Cut Them Free! Cut US Free! Cut ALL Free!

Manifest Here For All To See! (3x)

Presence of Astrea’s Heart

By Astrea and Purity received by © Michael Christopher Arnett ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2011

First Ray Preamble


Let God Will Crystallize now for the reunion of the Father Mother God unto the Shekinah Glory and the return current of the Shakti Force of the Divine Mother. Let There Be Light!

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