Where Angels Play

Violet Flame Preamble for God Freedom! God Justice!

By Beloved Saint Germain given to© Michael Christopher Arnett ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2011

In the name of the Mighty Victorious Presence of God I AM in me and my very own beloved Holy Christ Self, Holy Christ Selves all mankind, Holy Spirit of the Nature and Presence of God in all the Kingdoms of God Reality, we call to the Holy Christ Presence in all Sentience to answer the Call of the embodied Children of the Sun and the Children of God. We call to the Angelic Kingdoms and the Elemental Kingdoms to join into the clearing of the final enemies of the Death and Hell cults of control and tyranny that move against the sacred image of which we are created in the Image of the Self as God and therefore we call for the creation spirals again to come into manifest form that we have the ability to call forth the energies by God's Will and Only God's Will that Where I Stand there is More EL! We call unto the entire Spirit of the Great White Cloud of the Brotherhood - Let There Be Light!  We call for the turning back the tide of the fallen agenda's moving against those whose Heart claim their right to be the Light, the fire the reality of that Light and Fire! Cut Free! Cut Free! Cut Free! All caught up in human injustice, and human tyranny that moves against the God Justice the God Freedom! We call to the Great Karmic Board and WE Demand God Freedom! God Justice! God Reality! We call for the cutting Free of the Elemental and Angelic Kingdoms to enter in with us that their Worlds are also kept in safe keeping in this final outplay of Armageddon! Let God Be Magnified! Beloved Portia, Saint Germain as Hierarch's of Aquarius WE Call to you now! Come forth with Legions of Light to reverse the ending of these cycles of control and that which has moved against God Reality! Angels of Justice! Angels of Freedom! Angels of All Rays of Victory! Come Forth! We decree for the cutting free of all who are facing injustice, tyranny, control, by governmental agencies, bureaucracies, family karmic ties, direct attacks against their lives, lively hoods, their light and their supply on all levels of God understanding, fire air water and earth, that which moves against Free Will to Be God in embodiment! Let our calls always be adjusted by God's Will and Only God's Will! Hope come forth and magnify yourself as the new dawn in the lives of all who are in need today - O Holy Spirit come forth! Comfort your children and your friends .... We are Grateful!