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Call For Transmutation of Dweller On The Threshold

By Beloved Kuthumi given to © Michael Christopher Arnett ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2012

By the love wisdom and power of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, in the name Brahman: I AM THAT I AM and I stand and I cast out the dweller. And I redirect my conscious awareness into the flame of my heart and I extract my consciousness from the outer anchors of the fallen pride and justifications of the prince of this world.

And it is bound by the power of the Lord God I AM THAT I AM and his host! Let it be consigned to the flame of the sacred fire of Alpha and Omega, that that one may not go out to tempt the innocent babes in Christ who are now awakening to their own God-reality. Or to tempt those who are the steadfast Ones of God Awakened Flow!

By the Love of Christ ! (3x) The Prince of this world come and finds nothing in me!

Blaze the power of Elohim! (3x)

Elohim of God!—Elohim Flaming Yod!

Descend now in answer to my call. As the mandate of the Lord God I AM THAT I AM in Being—as Above, so below—occupy now. Within - without return me to wholeness and take away all fears lack and doubts.

Bind the fallen self! Bind the synthetic self! Be out then, damn spot, you pinprick of anti-consciousness!

Bind the fallen ones! For there is no more remnant or residue in my life of any, or any part of that one, for my life is the life of God THAT I AM Being.

Lo, I AM, in the Cosmic Christ, Maitreya, Krishna, and Jesus' name, the victor of Death and Hell! (2x)

Lo, I AM THAT I AM in my Being—in the name of my Holy Christ Self—is here and now the victor over Death and Hell! Lo! It is done.

Praise the Lord I AM THAT I AM Sanat Kumara! Praise the Lord I AM THAT I AM!

Ruby Ray go forth hold the balance by the White Fire Core of the Heart I AM THAT I AM!

And So O Mighty I AM Presence we now release into your greatness and glory the Cloud of Sacred Fire of the Divine Theosophia for the removal and transformation of all interconnectedness with any part being or world where the Dweller on the Threshold of my own consciousness has caused or is still causing another part of your Glory and Magnificence pain, sorrow, or suffering.

May you send the Light and Blessings into this Great Work of the Ages for yours is the Glory, The Kingdom and the Power forever and forever! Amen! I AM Grateful that it is always your Divine Will over my own thoughts feelings and words, Let There Be Light in the reunion of the crystallization of God’s Will in the reunion of the Father Mother unto the Shekinah Glory and the return currents of the Divine Mother’s Shakti Force... Let There Be Light!

2nd Ray Preamble - Yellow - Sunday

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