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Preamble For The Second Ray Of God’s Golden Illumination

                           As received by © Michael Christopher Arnett  - January 1, 2012  Portialand Oregon - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2012

In the name of the Mighty Victorious Presence of God, I AM in me and my very own Beloved Holy Christ Self,  I AM THAT I AM, Mighty Elohim Apollo and Lumina of The Sun of Golden Illumination , beloved Archangel Jophiel and Christine, beloved Jesus and Magda, Kuthumi, Krishna and Radha, beloved Lord Vishnu, Bramha, and Shiva and Paravati. Beloved Babaji, Omraam, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar, Paramahansa Yogananda, Beloved Fluer De Clare our own beloved Guru Ma and Lanello, beloved Lord Lanto, beloved Lord Ling, beloved Sanat Kumara, Guatama Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Jesus The Christ, Padma Sambhava, Kuan Yin, Manjushri, Naropa, Tilopa, Marpa, Milerepea, White Eagle, Djwal Khul, beloved Master More EL, Lady Masters Leto and Meta, Ascended Lady Master Venus, God Victory, God of Gold, Prosperina, Fortuna Goddess of Fortune and Supply , beloved Brotherhood of the Golden Robe, beloved entire Spirit of the Great White Cloud of the Brotherhood, we call for the Angels of Illumination, the Angels of Gold, and the Angels of Percipitation, Angels of Christ Light, Angels of Photosynthesis, Angels of the Sun. O beloved Helios and Vesta, beloved Alpha and Omega, beloved God Surya, and beloved Cuzco and Ganesha our beloved Dorje Drollo, Sarawati, Tara and all of your emanations of God’s Mind and Consciousness, beloved Archangel Metatron and the Never Ending Silence and Never Ending Living Word of God beloved EinSof O YE of Endless Light and Love and Illumination. O come forth Ascended Masters All including all  newly ascended and those whose ancient ties to the warring in the members of God’s Mystical Body in Heaven and Earth are still fresh on the scars of mater and the Divine Mother and Divine Fathers separation and disunity.  We call to the Angels of Unity and the Angel of the Union to come forth and blaze the Light and Fires of Illumination into our worlds and BEING today! And We Call; “United We Stand - Divided We Fall!” We Will Not Fall O God!” In Vibration at any level of existence or frequency of which we find ourselves in !

Beloved Saint Germain and Portia and the Brotherhood of Alchemy, Transformation, Transmutation and Change! bring forth the precipitated need of the hour as we enter into the work of the Ages to bring back to the God head that which was separated in anti-illumination. We call to you O Angels of Patience, and Angels of Power, Angels of Thrones, Angels of Choirs, Angels of Science of God Reality, Angels of Principalities, Angels of the Seraphic Bands, Angels of the Cherubim,  beloved Goddess and God Meru come and enter into service this day as we invoke God Illumination into the gray  forcefields of anti-illumination so prevalent in the world this age and this day. We call for there to come forth from the temples of Illumination the Angelic and Elemental Beings serving on the Rays and Fires of Illumination to join forces with us again, by God’s Will and Only by God’s Will. We call to the Angels of the World Teachers, the Angels of the Golden Elixir of Thoughtforms and Thoughtformlessness, we call to the Angels of Illuminated Waters and therefore to the attendant Angels at the very Throne of God to focus the Fiat of God Almighty into our focus of intent and motive to raise the vibrational and frequency fields found in and around all that we contact fire, air , water and earth within our four lower bodies, our chakras, our thoughts, our feelings, our intent and our motive to act as

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