Where Angels Play

In the Name of My Victorious Presence of God I AM in Me and my very own beloved Holy Christ Self and Mighty I AM Presence of All Mankind, I Call Now for the Victory and the Freeing of All Light Bearers by the Mighty Blue Eagle and the Blue Sword of Archangel Michael and Faith and the Legions of Light from All Rays Of God Victory! Blaze forth now!

WE declare Our Freedom Now to Fulfill Our Divine Plan.  WE ARE in Perfect Union with our Christ Selves as We Work Together in Services to The Entire Spirit of the Great Cloud of Brotherhood. WE Bow in Gratitude to the Light of the Great Karmic Board and All of the Ascended Masters and Declare the Victory Now of God’s Will, God’s Power, God’s Might, God’s Right and God’s Justice.


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Preamble - Commanding God’s Ruby Blue

By Archangel Michael and Faith given to © Michael Christopher Arnett and Rhonda Rene Johnson ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2012