O Power of White Fire Core

Blazing God Intensity O More and More

O Power of Astrea Cut Free

Blazing God Hope White Fire Intensity

Blue Lightening and Astrea's  Matrices

Purity White of Mother's Creativity

Blazing God Hope Now Real

Purity Astrea's Flashing Steel


Purity Astreas Flashing Steel Through

Slash, Blast Anhilate, Shatter, disolve, Consume (3X) (9X) (12X) (24X) (48X) (108X)

Purity Astrea's Flashing Steel v1

By Mighty Astrea given to © Michael Christopher Arnett ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2012

Violet Flame Preamble                          Preamble Fourth Ray


Let God Will Crystallize now for the reunion of the Father Mother God unto the Shekinah Glory and the return current of the Shakti Force of the Divine Mother. Let There Be Light!

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