Rosary of Faith

By Archeia Faith and Archangel Michael given to©Michael Christopher Arnett ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2012

First Ray Preamble

Beloved Ones when the Sun of Your Heart seems to have an impulse to fail, it is the connection to the light that has been overcome, compromised or is in a period of transition. God is the Ever Present One and therefore know in even the most intense trials and tribulations, That Faith is the need of the hour. For it is Faith that is the belief in all things; even those yet unknown and unseen and unfelt. This is the Power of the Divine Mother as Faith for in Faith are ALL kept in their proper order, their proper placement, their proper vibration - I AM Faith your Mother and I dedicate this Rosary to your blessed Hearts; that you may know me as the ever present One, and that I AM the Assurance of All In The Right Place at the Right Time, in the Right Vibration with your souls... Faith is the Presence of the Assurance THAT ALL IS WELL!

O Mighty I AM Presence of the ALL AND THE ONE - I AM Mother Light Divine come to call for the reinforcement of my beloved Children of the Sun and the Children of God. O God's Heart of Infinite Faith your Presence is in manifestation and that Light is the Light of the World! I AM calling forth the Legions of Faith, The Angels of Pink and Blue Lightening to come forth and carry the impetus of the igniting fires and the connecting cords of heart to heart ties to the implusations of ALL Rays of Faith! Come forth and honor us O Elohim with the guidance and the God Vision and God Support. Let us recreate this world of form into the most glow-rayous reality of God Ideals and Morals of Love. I call you my beloved Divine Mother and the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, I AM so humbly grateful to you for your blessed Presence ALL. My beloved Archangel Michael we call to you to join us as we wield the Blue Flame of God's Will to Lovingly Empower each and every soul in their upliftment home to our blessed Heart - I AM ALL RAYS OF God Victory!  For Faith is the Light of Believing when even those who walk the silent and seemingly loneliness of the hours - emerge from the darkness of the human despair and myopic vision of lack and fears that have been created in the worlds of formation... Let There Be Light! I

 Hail Faith Mother Divine

 In your heart I AM Thine

 Holy Faith of Michael True

 I AM Power I AM Electric Blue

 Hail Faith Full of Light and Love

 I AM the Sun Below above

 Hail Faith of Loving Unity

 I AM Light of God - Will to BE

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