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Let us be clear, we are NOT advocating any political stand. It is a freewill zone. We are not saying that all things of profit are evil or to be consider bad or wrong. We are not setting ourselves in a political or religious stance or in anyway being judgmental in these writings. The discourse is regarding the Angelic Technologies of Creation. The reason they are available, the way to use them. And there is data presented as historical in content and context to relay the ways that the soul is presently entangled with those who desire no kindness but only enmity sworn in previous times to destroy all things of creation and light.

These articles are written as point of discourse through this one in embodiment as a messenger for the Brotherhood of Light of Freedom. We are the ones who use this messenger as our amanuenses to write these words as public disclosure which is timely, as the cycles of space and time are being dissolved in new energy patterning of new Multiversal expression of the fifth dimension and its advent in the Age of Aquarius through the God Freedom, Saint Germain and his beloved Twin Flame Portia the Goddess of Opportunity and The Goddess of Justice. As hierarch's of the Age of Aquarius this work is sanctioned as a release of teachings that every soul already has had, and is aware of in the inner recesses of their souls.

There is no intent of malice or harm to none. These words are delivered as THE WORD with GOD as they are meant only to awaken all to the awareness of the GOD REALITY which is already residing within the heart and soul before even taking embodiment. The usage of capital lettering is to convey a system of hierarchal import not as is used in present expression as “yelling” at you.

We are presenting dictations and giving teachings through many souls of light in our employ in this advent of the coming shifts of dimensional awareness. It is not a time to lay around and be depressed but it is a time of great celebration and renewal. This is a time of shifting from outmoded concepts to realignment with the inner BEING of LIFE. There is only ONE LIGHT and ONE CREATOR and that is everyone and everything that is and ever will be created. YOU have the potential of BEING the ALLNESS OF THE ONE!

Through these discourses, dictations, poems, songs and other expressions of the Holy Spirit in the Word in form; we will present you the opportunity and option to listen or not. Either way the WORD will have been made known and the work will proceed whether or not you believe or agree. There will be some misrepresentation and some misunderstanding it is inevitable, as it is through ALL MESSENGERS at some time or another. No one is sent into embodiment without having freewill nor without their own issues to reconnect to and recover from. There are karmas associated both good and seemingly bad in nature in all who embody. It is the way of third dimensional existence of duality, space and time. And this association of past lives and their magnetic draw will most assuredly bring some misalignment of fact, but suffice it to say; we will keep it to the bare minimum as we work more and more with our amanuenses.

We will speak at the soul level and therefore you find at times that the words are seeming to speak above you, please take this as a challenge to rise to the level of the discourse presented and review the Word delivered to discover the roots of meaning that are being purveyed for it is in the path of understanding that Apollo and Lumina will awaken you to the illumination which the soul is so in need of at this time. The soul is dying sweet ones of lack of the crystal clear waters of the heart of creation of your Mighty I Am Presence, your Personal God Self.

As you read these discourses you will find your life moving into new arenas of vibration and stature. The outer is non-existent at this time as you know it, or are being sold the image of. All around you are the evidence of a collapse of the societal norms. And at the same time all around you are the rebuilding efforts of those of the light, for only the light will endure. For we are moving you into the God Age of Golden Christ Light, the Age of Aquarius the bringer of the Living Liquid Crystal Shinning Diamond Light of Unity and True God Freedom.

We may at some point engage with you in messages and concerns that are presented through this site as comments and through the forum. We will decide this in the near future. This work that is being submitted at this time is essential in the coming shift of parallelism and multiverse expression. We are bringing forth More Word as new expression of Multiversal usage for the shifts you are presently in. As you identify more of these in your own expression of life, we would ask that they are submitted to this site as a gathering of the soul language of Aquarius. This is the language of joyous return to the Unity and the Oneness of All to the Light. And we would also counsel your own divine invention in creating more ways to use these new words of freedom. The more they are submitted in your everyday use the more you anchor their vibrations into your world and the quicker you will find yourselves drawn out of the muck and mire of the previous incarnational ages and life choices from beyond the barriers of embodiment.

You Are Our Priority Our Reflections Our Heart Beats Our Hope Our Siblings and Children - Our Future Oneness

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