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the name of the Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self of my beloved Twin Flame's and my own beloved heart flame of God Reality, I call the combined Holy Christ Selves of our Oneness and through this beloved heart of contact with our I AM Presence, I AM calling for the sealing of our Twin Flames and our hearts as One unto the victory of our unique divine plan and divine blueprint of that plan unto it's fruition - for the glory of GOD! I call to our Father Mother God and to the divine aspects of our love as Father - Son - Holy Spirit/ Brahma - Vishnu - Shiva as the Three in One consciousness of our One Light and therefore for the divine mother and the nature of God that I AM to consume all negative karma which is still limiting in anyway manner or form the full expression of the glow-rayousness of our God Identity as per the Will of God and to the Victory of God Reality; above, below, within and without - Let God's Will crystallize now!

Christ Self - Twin Self Three As One

Sealing  Twin Flames and our hearts as One of Three v1

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