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 that each of these rays are represented in the continents and their respective group karmas. Suffice it to say that all embodied have come to their embodiment under the auspices of a particular ray. And in many cases some have come to serve on several rays simultaneously.

This is the time of the reuniting of the Children of God, the fiery Souls who are the living Cells of Light! Unite as one again and reform back into the pure white light of the beginning as it was and as it is. The white light of the Divine Mother rising upon the altar of the spine, the kundalini calling out to the holy spirit of the winds of Purusha, “We are coming home!, O Grandmother, we are coming home beloved mother, we are coming home our Father which are in us and drives us to return to the realms of light and harmony.” This is the soul song as you listen to the magnificent choirs of angels the points of light. O move and inturn, inflow light particles; return to the One Body O Souls of God - in that mystical dance of remembering.

And as they join in the remembrance of the Divine Mothers essence of their lives they are encased in the light of God , the Gold.  For the mind releases its hold upon the rebuilding of the human temple and the soul is free again to encase itself in the temple of God. This is the time and the place, you are the one’s to accomplish this. There are none else to stand and keep on keeping on the pathway to the completion of the tasks of the return of Avalon and the Mystics from her watery depths. Now in this frame of the God Age of Aquarius under the tutelage of the Hierarch's of the Age Saint Germain and beloved Goddess of Justice Portia, let there be liberty of all light. We call for the cutting free of these cords of discord and the lines of lies that have bound our beloved souls to the shadows of human despair O God. Cut them free of the shadows and the lies of the liars and the murders by the swords of Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst. Let there be the torrents of Violet Flame blazing through the ethers of being, blazing through the winds of being, blazing through the waters of being, blazing through the earthen pot of being! Blaze the Violet Flame!

As we said previously, the United States of America is and was established by the hierarchy of God’s Light and Love as a holding ground for the return and reuniting of the souls, the cells of God’s mystical body to return from their ages long slumber. And the name is America a codification fohatic key to the I AM RACE. The Race of God Beings! No idolatry when you claim yourself a true Son a true Daughter of God! There is no greater or lesser in the Light, there is only Light! And to bond to the Light, to reunite in the Light of your own Christ Self, is to BE. And to BE is the age long fulfillment of the Shakespearean riddle of “To BE or not To BE” The focus of claiming yourself, your true Self as the Son Of God is your divine right and your divine light. The United States as we have also stated is the home of all the rays embodied in this dimension. It is the God Age to the United Race of The I AM RACE, no separation by dogma, dictate, nationality, creed, history, wars, or any sense of superstition or fear based reasoning. One! One Beloved is the decree from the Throne of the Ancient of Days, the LORD SANAT KUMARA. One I the Light!

To Be the One, is to enjoin and to envision and outvision your Self, your God Self as the doer in the world of form. Join in the fulfillment of the law and the command of Krishna, “See Krishna in everyone and everything.” Who is Krishna? Krishna is the Sanskrit equivalent of the Christ, Thy Christ, my Christ One! Separate yourselves no longer, but reacquaint your Self with the flame of Unity. Break down the walls of hatred that you took vows to break down at inner levels. Remember you volunteered to come back into embodiment at this time. You took the bull by the horns so to speak. You stormed heaven and you said, “we know it is not our cycle to return to embodiment yet we are One and in that Oneness we must go and break these cycles while the teachings are still fresh jewels within our hearts and minds. We know it is time to come back, now is the time to wipe the tears of fear, hate, and separation from the divine mother Gaia’s face as she continues to bear the weight of her reprobate children.  We petition the throne of God in the Great Central Sun and the Great Karmic Board and most humbly we ask of our own Holy Christ Self to allow us this boon of brining back the fires of Unity and to assist in the reopening of the temples that have been off limits to the embodied souls for ages, but for the few”.

And this was recorded by the Messenger Geraldine Inocente through the Bridge of Freedom and it was started in the astral plane. There temples where setup to bring light and unity back to the souls lost in the shadow world of illusion. I tell you now, as a point of awareness that is needed in this time. If you are asleep and you are dreaming and you find yourselves in the position of a delusion, and illusion. The landscape doesn’t pane out correctly in perspective or expected reactions from those whom you are relating to, know that you are in the astral field and you are most likely searching for the temples of light for which you have volunteered to work in or with while out of the body in your periods of rest and sleep. This is why the call to Archangel Michael and his Blue Lightening Angels is so needed when you are leaving your body.

 A call to any angels of light will do the trick, but to enlist the light of Michael and any of the Archangels is not only more powerful, it is a humbling of the ego, fear based reasoning portion of the human creation, the part known as the dweller on the threshold. And as you make the call to these magnificent Cosmic Beings of Light and Love, the dweller is reduced and your Christ Self is enhanced in that act of what we have already stated as “intune”.  And in the Words of the Living Christ in All, “And I, if I be lifted up will raise you up also.” And in the denigrating of the dweller on the threshold of human reasoning and the free will choice to do the work of Light you are enhancing your own portion of Christhood and the soul sounds the cosmic tune that is heard by the angels and they speed to your soul. And the fulfillment of the Words of Christ are apropos yet again, “And my Word shall not return unto me void.” But in your choice to BE Christed and Shine your own inner light, you return unto your Christ, my Christ ONE – a multiplication of the talents given to you by the master when you were left on your own to forage the world for the diamonds of truth and the rubies and rare gems of souls of Light that needed to be found, mined from the mire of human creation and thoughtforms of the shadow and the shadow hand.

O God, we are grateful for this teaching and for this conglomeration of Light in these cells returning to the One in loving the divine mother and her lullaby of the I AM RACE, UNITED WE STAND – DIVIDED WE FALL; beloved Goddess of Liberty, you whose very Presence graces the shores of this age and this land, gratitude to you and your mighty flame of Freedom. Gratitude to the Goddess of Liberty in her ageless struggle and unerring courage and flame as the Mother of Unity as well as the Goddess of Liberty. She who reunited the souls of her own planet in a state much worse off even than this dark star is presently in. Victory! Hail! O Divine Mother of Liberty - let sound the tone of freedom of the soul in the return, in Unity!

The temple of Unity has recently been re-opened and in this act we have the inner sense of Unity and Unity’s Ray and Pull upon our souls – WE ARE THE PEOPLE. As stated in the constitution of the United States of America - “WE THE PEOPLE”.  If you are a lawful citizen of this land, you are part of the cycles of Unity. This is not a political statement, but a statement of law. The law of the land is established through the heart of THE PEOPLE.

Note the spelling of the words, as it was and as it is, in the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America. This nation is and was established we decree for the I AM RACE to come back together once again and BE UNITED in the ONE - I AM THAT I AM. If you are in this land without the spirit of UNITY then you come as those who fell in the great Angel Battle of yore. I say of Yore, but you hear in your souls, “YOUR” for this was the battle of which many if not all of the souls in embodiment were part and parcel. Some on one side and some on the other side (as above so below) as are the wars on this planet and the sense of sin and separation still played out today. But that is the shadow of the past. If you have a soul desire to be a part of the great uniting of the lands and peoples in the Re-UNIFICATION OF THE SOULS OF LIGHT, then take the steps. Show your Christ Light and be lawful unto the land as you now know this land to be the gathering place of the Light and the I AM RACE.

This is edict and this is cosmic understanding. The law is the law. If you join another land then follow the laws of the land. To come into this gathering place at this time and in this space in this God Age is to come as a heart opened, humble and coming with pure intent and motive to BE the Light. And to leave off the superstitious and fear based reasoning of the human construct, which always shows its shadowy heart in the act of being separate, rebellious, prideful and holds itself as victim in posture in order to siphon off the light of the people through sympathy that never becomes the light of compassion that feeds the soul, but feeds the shadow side of being of the ego as it becomes one in energy with the victim in sympathetic alliance and alignment.

In love this is said. In love it is and was pronounced, that “I come not to bring Peace, but I AM come with a sword to divide the real from the unreal.” And this is also the point of the reuniting of the I AM RACE,  WE THE PEOPLE are the Children of God who have the One Common Light, it is Common not as a cheapened commodity but as a badge of Right and the Oneness of Cosmic Light. All is Light! All that is ever created or any energies that are used in a righteous manner or unrighteous manner are still GOD and GOD’s LIGHT. In either case as given one misused and the other example right use of God’s Light.

We welcome you to into the land, as the Statue of the Goddess of Liberty stands on the NE shores of the UNITED STATES of the I AM RACE – AMERICA. Join her civilization in a manner that is considered civilized, civilized beloved ONEs is codification for Christ Lived – the raising of the light the Christ of your true Self, and in the raising of that Christ Self, the brining forth of the Christ gifts of your soul. Take the steps necessary to find ways to bring physical unity to the laws of the land. Leave off the sense of loss and personal gain. Leave off the shadow vision that cannot see further than the light that it has stolen so its vision and its target is always a short sighted and leads to denigration of the unification of the light. Take up the standard of the Cosmic Christ Maitreya that beloved coming Buddha who even now is come and is radiating out the love of the Father and the Mother through his heart of hearts. To come aboard this Great Work of the Ages of Unity of the I AM RACE is to come aboard the Clipper Ship of Maitreya. Set your course to be legal in all aspects, call upon me, your own Holy Christ Self, call upon God in all things and everyone; no matter the outer appearances and watch as I AM moving – through them and they and all things of mater. For Thy Christ is All I AM!

Let it be known, that there are many in embodiment that consider Maitreya a false Christ. I tell you that the Maitreya that I speak of is the Cosmic Christ and will not come in any form of ego centeredness nor will there be a backing of government or dogmatic or political environments. Intune O souls! Outflow and let your Christ my Christ grow, we are One and in that Oneness we are the ONE.

I AM One with Thy Christ, for my Christ, my Light One with yours forever I AM.

Seize the Day! In Light of God Gratitude United We Stand

Carpe diem Lumen Dei Gratia E Pluribus Unum

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