Where Angels Play

Preamble For The Sixth  Ray Of God’s Justice Resurrection Peace Service Opportunity

Given by Master MORE EL  As received by ©  Michael Christopher Arnett -January 1, 2012 -Portialand Oregon-ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2012

In the name of the Mighty Victorious Presence of God, I AM in me and my very own Beloved Holy Christ Self,  I AM THAT I AM, Mighty Elohim Peace and Aloha,  beloved Archangel Uriel and Aurora, beloved Ascended Lady Master Nada and the Great Karmic Board, beloved Sanat Kumara, beloved Guatama Buddha, beloved Lord Maitreya, beloved Jesus and Magda O Light, beloved Saint Germain and Portia,   beloved Guru Ma and  Lanello, beloved Master More EL, beloved Angels of the Ruby Ray, beloved Kuan Yin and the Angels of Compassion and Mercy, beloved Neptune and Luara and Watery Undines, O angels of the Purple-Blue Chemical Flame, Angels of Service and Ministration, , Angels of Opportunity, Angels of Peace and Aloha, Angels of the Resurrection, Angels of Justice Stand And Deliver The Mother’s current of return,  Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, the entire Spirit of the Great White Cloud of the Brotherhood;, we decree for the protection of all God ordained; activities, persons, places, conditions and things, and our cutting free from all discord that moves against our light and fire and the Living Word of God within us and our lives, and we decree for: God’s Peace and God’s Justice and God’s Loving Service to Life and those who choose Life as the reason for BEING in embodiment and therefore have chosen to enter into the higher way of Light. We call now for God’s Opportunity and God’s Direction in our lives and the lives of all sentience wherever they reside as the Children of God and The Children of the Sun.  We invoke your Purple and Gold Ruby Striated Lightening! O Glow-Rayous Presence Of God come forth shatter the night of consciousness and the anti-peace manifesting as souls of timidity in their false claims of mercy; that which is seen in the inner as cowardice and lack of temerity shatter the false illusions of anti-peace of victimhood! Shatter the overlays of anti-god’s blackness and dis-ease that is affecting all that is of the Light of Peace and Aloha in those found in all levels of the sentience of the all the Kingdoms of God Reality! Come Forth! O God and we call to your legions of Purple and Gold and Ruby Flecked Hue to enter into our worlds today, by God’s Will we decree God Peace Lives within US! God Peace Lives In all vibrations and frequencies! God Peace is the manifesting power of our lives! God Peace is the Mother’s current of return and We Stand For Peace! We Live In Peace! We Are Grateful In Peace! We call now to the Resurrection of the Sons and Daughters of God in the Human Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, the mineral Kingdom, the Water Kingdom, the Air Kingdom, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Kingdom, we call for the release of the Flames and Rays of God Peace into and around all we interact with anyway manner or form; Let There Be The Light and the Pressure of God Peace wherever We Go and let that Light and Pressure of God Peace shatter the matrices of the Liar, the Lie and the intent and motive of the murderer and their murderous intent to destroy life in all of the Children of God in the Human, Angelic and Elemental Kingdoms! Let God God Peace BE Magnified, Justified, Resurrected and Revived in all hearts; bring forth the circles of Peace and Aloha, set us upon the mount of attainment of fires of Peace and Stillness let the soul find the calming of the waters within and so without.

Aloha! (3x) Peace BE Still And Know THAT I AM God! O Joy of Service to Life - We Enter the fray again In God Peace!