Victory of Unity With God We Are One!

As I am pondering in meditation today, it burns in me; that almost all the teachings that we lean toward are those which come to us, or better said we take into us in the second or third person.  It is rare to find a teaching that approaches us from within, and that is in a nutshell; Victory of Unity!

Victory is the overcoming of all obstacles in your way. The dark clouds are passed by, the thunder has ceased its onslaught along with the striking sheets of lightening. And there you stand still, maybe scared, scorched some, scuffed up but stronger for the constancy of staying the course.

Unity is the Oneness that is indivisible, cannot be separated by any force or source. To be in Union is to bond to the greatest, highest, the purist of limitless light of Being. And as it was so it is still that the ending always brings the beginning. And as it was in the beginning so it shall always be in the ending that all things no matter the outer appearance are in the heart of God; One. And it is a precursor that we must stop seeking that teaching that voice, that feeling, that guidance outside from some other source for leadership and for guidance, for that power, love and wisdom is already within us.

There are those that will be more astute because of the path they have walked already over the lifetimes and there will be those just now starting today to let go of the threads of contact. their personally created safety lines to the world and the structure that they “know” as real.

What does this all mean? What comes easy to you and me will be an uphill path for those who are just starting to trust the way back to Union with the Light of limitless beauty and love - THE IAM THAT I AM. I would ask you to consider that the sheep upon whom you lead, those who find you and that you are lead to, will need compassionate care and nurturing. They will be hungry and they will have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and truth. They will be wary of coming to near as they have through out their lifetimes been attacked and herded into the traps of man and man animal.  What will you offer them for food, they that are lacking in the basic nutrients of the Word? What will you offer them to drink they that are dying and withering away for need of the living waters of the Spirit and the Light that is limitless and will allow them to drink forever and a day? What way will you nurture their souls so that they understand and are able to lay in your arms as a child, a blessed child of the Sun of God magnificence?

O to hold the heart is to hold God! To hold the Word is to Be like God! To Give the Word is to Be the formless One - the ALL. The All is to BE! To BE is that state of the bodhisattva who is the cup running over and refilled instantly when it is drunk from. To BE in the state of the bodhisattva is to have no form or sense of form, only the NOW that is the state of BEING. In BEING there is no separate. There is no other. There is no God and Son of God, there is only the statement of the Word which comes forth from Unity in BEING and you find yourself in the same state of Christ in his final embodiment in the age of Pisces. “I and my Father are ONE! The Father in me doeth the work! I AM Alpha and Omega the beginning and the ending!”

When you arrive at the state of the Word which is the flow of the light; you become more of that state and leave off the child of the earthly earth. You imbibe more light and the word as it is in truth oultflows from your being. You are that spring of Amaryllis that sullies forth from the hard weather beaten ground to bring forth the freshness of the Spring in the flowing of the Word forth from you. This outflow of projection of Being from you to all mater is the next step the transformation of the cycles to flow out to God Reality from within your light. It is this point that the soul sounds the intone and the Christ Self, The Father and Mother God and all eyes of Cosmos turn and watch as the soul begins the accelerated path in the first step of the ascension. This first step is the transfiguration. The transfiguration from the state of being humanly directed, encased in the throngs of duality and start of the Transformation to BEING – In Unity - In The ONE - the state of formless form - The I AM.